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Blood Transfusion

Jamila Sultana Foundation

Blood Transfusion is the foremost & primary requirement of all thalassemics i.e. 2 – 3 transfusions in a month with 1-2 blood bags at one time depending upon the HB level & age of patient.

JSF is following the quality standards of Thalassemia International Federation TIF/TFP as JSF maintains the minimum HB level i.e 11 mg/ dl at all cost to plan / defer the transfusion for a particular patient.

Strict “cross-matching” of blood available in JSF Blood Bank & Patients before transfusion on Gel Card Technology in line with international standards. Average 25 – 30 Transfusions on daily basis from Monday – Saturday as regular feature.

Prevention of Thalasemia

Jamila Sultana Foundation

Besides, regular treatment, blood transfusion and medication prevention of Thalassemia is the main objective of Jamila Sultana Foundation. To eliminate this dreadful genetic disease, awareness campaigns de mass screening programs are being organized round the year.

Jamila Sultana Foundation has organized numerous screening camps at various educational institutions, commercial organization and government departments

Chelation Therapy

Jamila Sultana Foundation

Jamila Sultana Foundation Provide free chelation to our Registered Thalasemic patient. Chelation therapy is a medical treatment used to remove heavy metals from the body. It involves administering chelating agents, which are substances that bind to heavy metals and facilitate their excretion through urine or feces

Laboratory Services

Jamila Sultana Foundation

For registered thalassemia patients, regular monitoring is essential for managing the condition effectively. Through our initiative, patients can access critical tests such as Serum Ferritin, Complete Blood Count (CBC), Syphilis, Malaria, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV, without any financial burden.Additionally, we recognize the invaluable contribution of blood donors in saving lives. To ensure their safety and well-being, we provide complimentary testing services for the same range of tests

Psychological Session Therapy

Jamila Sultana Foundation

Thalassemia being more stressful disease puts a lot of mental stress not only for thalassemia patient but also the complete family undergoes mental stress / trauma as a life time dilemma. in order to ensure quality life for all dependent thalassemia patient Jamila Sultana Foundation is constantly planning various psychological therapy program to help out the patient and their families as regards to psychlogical issues

Eyes Problems in B Thalassemia Patient

Jamila Sultana Foundation

Beta thalassemia patients can experience a variety of eye problems due to several factors:

  • Chronic Anemia: This condition can reduce oxygen flow to the optic nerve, potentially leading to vision problems like night blindness or decreased visual acuity.
  • Iron Overload: Excess iron can accumulate in the body's tissues, including the eyes. This can cause cataracts, damage to the retina (the light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye), and other complications.
  • Iron Chelation Therapy: Medications used to remove excess iron can sometimes have side effects on the eyes, such as dry eyes or blurred vision.

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