Blood Donor Safety

Donor Screening Strictly in accordance with WHO specified standards of testing / medical check-up by a doctor for fitness

Complete blood report by HSF / daignostic ept to all donots along with a comrehensive screening / analysis report to the institutes.

Blood cells separation in JSF Diagnostic / Blood bank\

RCCs transfused to Thalassemic Patients

FFps Donated to District Hospital Holy family Hospital, benazir Hospital and to other dependent Organizations,absolutely free of cost.

Platelets are produced on demand / donated free of cost.

Blood Donors Data

YearsFFPs Prepared FFPs Cost / BagCostIssueHoly familyDHQRailway HospitalBBHOthers

Blood Donors Data

YearBlood DonationCost
20132482Rs 8,314,700
20143082Rs 10,324,700
20153120Rs 10,452,000
20164286Rs 14,358,100
20174500Rs 15,075,000
Total17470Rs 58,524,500